“Keep Pushing! Ride it out! Work Harder! Get training. Read more books.”
 “Pick yourself up  by the bootstraps. Fake it until you make it.”

Does this sound familiar? You’ve done all of this and it is making some progress but you just don’t seem to get on top of it. So… you try harder.
You’re doing well but there just seems to be that little “something” that is missing.

Let Me Help

I have been coaching CEOs, managers, leaders entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches, business leaders, business teams, and individuals with great success.

How I accomplish what I do:

  • One-to-one coaching: My favorite avenue, and in my opinion, the most effective is one-to-coaching. Getting with a person weekly/bi-weekly and looking into who he/she is and how he/she approaches the position helps me lead him/her to incorporate and apply tools and tactics to everyday work.  Using real time scenarios and coaching someone through those is the most effective way of making shifts and drawing out potential.
  • Group coaching:  Similar to one-to-one, coaching a group and using real time scenarios allows for us to build an effective team, a supportive environment, and use application successes and short-falls to adjust, train, and apply
  • Combination of training and coaching:  One hour training sessions 3 times a month followed by 30 minute to one hour sessions of individual or group coaching weekly or bi-weekly.  This allows an introduction to new information during each training session followed by applying and implementing what was presented into everyday work scenarios.
  • One day and two day Seminars:  Training seminars for participants to take techniques and tools back to the work place with them.  These seminars are not only informational but experiential as well.   Each seminar has time set aside to work through round-table exercises with teams of people from your company and/or with others from other companies.  Seminars can be conducted exclusively for a single company or open to many. 

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