What do I Want to Accomplish?

Growth Resources strengthens organizations, teams, and relationships by strengthening people.

Through seminars, group coaching, one-to-one coaching, I have been able to give CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Mid-level Managers, Sales Teams, Teachers, Coaches, and Individuals tools to make their jobs and lives smoother and help them unlock the leadership potential that others have observed in them to begin with.

What do I want to accomplish? 

Let me tell you what I do not do: 

  • I don’t criticize.
  • I don’t tell you, “You are doing it wrong.” 
  • I’m not looking to see if you belong in your position or not. 
  • I’m not going to change who you are.      

Here is some of what I do:

  • I listen to you.
  • I assess where you are.
  • I look at what your company, your environment, etc. expects.
  • I look at who you are.
  • I build on your strengths and mentor where you perceive you are weak.
  • I challenge you to stretch into new ways of thinking and communicating.
  • I help you unlock what is already there.

 When I coached girls’ softball, in my early years I would make all girls swing the bat the same. This was unsuccessful. Every girl is built differently and they bring with them some deep muscle memory from past play. So, I began taking what they had and making tweaks to their swing. Each one left hitting the ball better than when she started. Take what is already there and build upon it. That is what I do.

You are in your position for a reason.  Let’s work together and make you great!